Special Education

Scoil Sheosaimh Naofa has the following provisions to cater for children with special educational needs:

  • 2 Full Time and 1 Part Time S.E.N. Teachers
  • 2 Full Time Special Class Teachers
  • 7 Special Needs Assistants

Scoil Sheosaimh Naofa endeavours to enhance the learning and self-esteem of everyone in the school community. This is achieved through inclusion of all pupils with special educational needs. Using the Continuum of Support framework, Scoil Sheosaimh Naofa we identify the pupils’ educational needs, including academic, social and emotional, as well as needs associated with physical, sensory, language and communication difficulties. Pupils with the greatest levels of need will have access to the greatest level of support.

In September 2021 we welcomed the addition of our ‘Solas’ Class to Scoil Sheosaimh Naofa. This class caters for the needs of children with ASD who are of school-going age. Our dedicated teaching staff provide access to the Primary School Curriculum, while also being focused on the need to support our students with their communication, social, behavioural, play and life-skills development. The pupils in our Solas Class come to and from school by bus accompanied by a bus escort. The pupil-teacher ratio in the Solas class is 6:1 and the pupils are further supported by two Special Needs Assistants.

As with all classes in Scoil Sheosaimh Naofa, we aspire towards providing the highest quality of education for our students. In Solas we provide a caring environment facilitating the nurturing of each pupil’s full educational potential. Solas Class pupils are encouraged to participate in whole school activities where it is of benefit to the individual child. Our sensory room, indoor and outdoor swings and play area provide a wonderful sensory experience for our students. Integration with mainstream peers and activities takes place at their class level when it is appropriate to each child’s readiness and the individual needs of the child. Reverse integration during lunchtime play has been a great success to date, enhancing playtime for all pupils.

The Solas Class strives to create a supportive and caring environment for each pupil where we nurture the uniqueness of each pupil, their personality and cater for their individual needs. We are delighted at how our whole school community has welcomed and embraced our pupils with autism into the life of the school and are very proud of the achievements they have made along the way.